Raluca – glittr girl

Raluca is a beautiful young lady that is from Bucharest and is finishing her last year in high school.  She is a true artist when it comes to make-up.  She put her skills to the test and did the make-up of one of the glittr leaders, Andrea Crozier.  See for yourself the before and after picture.


2014-12-12 23.58.27

– How did you get started doing make-up?

Ever since I was a little girl, I was attracted to make-up. I was always looking online and trying to replicate different kinds of make-up I saw, with the tools I had.

– What do you like most about make-up?

I enjoy make-uping people because I get to interact with people, and besides meeting beautiful people, I can enhance their features. I begin the process of doing make-up by choosing a theme and then I look online for different make up styles that go with that theme.

– Do you see yourself doing make-up professionally after high school?

After finishing high school, I would like to open a small salon. Besides the business side of it, I would like to offer free make up classes to help girls that want to take some make-up classes, but don’t have enough money.

– Do you have a role model or someone you look up to in this profession?

There is a girl that I admire that reached a high position in a short time in this profession. She proved to me that, with hard work and drive and with the help of God, everything is possible!

“It’s really important to be truly passionate about what you do. The passion you put into something makes it valuable and precious.” – Raluca, 18 years old